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SBPL - Strategic Budget Plan

 Not a common budget planning system that only estimates revenues, expenses and results.

SBPL® is the numeric version (quantities and values) of your Strategic Plan; a permanent and updated anticipation of actions determined to seek the much desired profitability, return on investment, as much as a valuation of the business generating addicional wealth to the operacional results.

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SBPL - Strategic Budget Plan

Advantages of Kassai solutions

Flexibility Flexibility

  • Able to simulate countless scenarios, according to your presumptions
  • Provided x performed analyzed statements
  • Efficient and flexible adjustments in domestic and foreign scenario changes

Predictability Predictability

  • Sectoral forecasts integrated with Economic Results, Balance sheet and Cash flow forecasts.
  • Integration with: specific controls of the company; legal statements; and additional tax liabilities for data provision

Technology Technology

  • IT Adaptable technology
  • Experient Planters: Business IT specialized
  • Permanent Help Desk: During and After implementation

Customers Kassai


Budget integrated planning for all companies of the CICA group.
Dowsizing of Finance and Controlling systems for more than 40 group companies
Cost Consulting: costing methods for results analysis and pricing.
Credit Union: Integrated System for Control and Credit Management.
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The Kassai Consultants was selected for the Academy's online Microsoft, responsible for the pillar of profitability
Business partner, invests in SBPL® and MCh® solutions.
With this partnership, Kassai solutions have won modern technologies and accessible to the corporate world, which enable integration with any ERP in the market.
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Saint-Gobain Sekurit


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Planejando 2019,20 e 21 - 27 de Junho em São Paulo

Planejando 2019,20 e 21 - 27 de Junho em São Paulo

Planejando 2019, 20 e 21
Uma palestra gratuita em São Paulo
com parceria da FIPECAFI

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