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SBPL - Strategic Budget Plan

 Not a common budget planning system that only estimates revenues, expenses and results.

SBPL® is the numeric version (quantities and values) of your Strategic Plan; a permanent and updated anticipation of actions determined to seek the much desired profitability, return on investment, as much as a valuation of the business generating addicional wealth to the operacional results.

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SBPL - Strategic Budget Plan

Advantages of Kassai solutions

Flexibility Flexibility

  • Able to simulate countless scenarios, according to your presumptions
  • Provided x performed analyzed statements
  • Efficient and flexible adjustments in domestic and foreign scenario changes

Predictability Predictability

  • Sectoral forecasts integrated with Economic Results, Balance sheet and Cash flow forecasts.
  • Integration with: specific controls of the company; legal statements; and additional tax liabilities for data provision

Technology Technology

  • IT Adaptable technology
  • Experient Planters: Business IT specialized
  • Permanent Help Desk: During and After implementation

Customers Kassai


Budget integrated planning for all companies of the CICA group.
Dowsizing of Finance and Controlling systems for more than 40 group companies
Cost Consulting: costing methods for results analysis and pricing.
Credit Union: Integrated System for Control and Credit Management.
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The Kassai Consultants was selected for the Academy's online Microsoft, responsible for the pillar of profitability
Business partner, invests in SBPL® and MCh® solutions.
With this partnership, Kassai solutions have won modern technologies and accessible to the corporate world, which enable integration with any ERP in the market.
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SBPL® - Budget Planning
"Our choice in Kassai was based at our previous knowledge of the professional capacity of the people involved and, especially, how to understand our needs in the use of database management of the budget process.
We do recommend "
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